Thanks to our past patients, we have some testimonials to share. We also feel blessed and privileged to have worked with so many great people!!

I came in for a frozen shoulder and right away I felt at home. Christian was great at knowing how to work with me and making it fun too. My recovery was quick and everyone there was so friendly. Highly recommended!
— Tracy M.
Christian is an incredible physical therapist. He challenges his clients to reach their full potential all the while is kind and gentle. I have had 2 successful sessions with Christian and will return should another injury present itself. Chebny Sports Medicine is a warm and welcoming environment with a friendly staff. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.
— Amy C.
Christian is the best physical therapist. This is coming from a former college athlete who has worked with many medical professionals for multiple injuries. I worked with Christian after my second ACL replacement. Christian pushed me and got me back to my active lifestyle and was there during the ups and downs of the long process. Staff is friendly, kind, caring, and matches Christian’s level of personal and professional care.
— Michael T.
Christian Chebny knows exactly what to do to make you functional again. He showed such compassion & made each session enjoyable, even when it was painful. I highly recommend Christian! The staff was great to work with too. My experience at Chebny Sports Medicine was 5 STAR!
— Colleen K.
Christian is wonderful! Worked with my daughter for a prior injury and now again for a current one. Very professional and personable.
— Sue H.
Thank you very much for the excellent care and the friendly and warm environment. The level of care and time given to patients at your new facility is fantastic... I really appreciated the time given to me as an individual at Chebny Sports Medicine... the non rushed environment and the fact that you are working with your clients the entire session and not a assistant, was for me a much better experience. Thank you again and continued success with your business.
— Deb V.
I have arthritic knees. After going through several weeks of therapy with Christian, discomfort levels dropped significantly. If you have arthritic discomfort, see Christian for an evaluation. Therapy has worked out very well for me.
— Donald A.
I don’t even know where to begin. After doing major damage to my left arm (dislocated my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, and tore off my bicep) doing yoga on my deck without a mat (never do that!!) I had surgery by Dr. Roger Chams at Illinois Bone and Joint in Libertyville. I was then referred for physical therapy with a high recommendation for Christian Chebny at Chebny Sports Medicine. from the first day I walked in, I knew that I was in good hands. Christian is a wonderful physical therapist and someone who made each one of his patients feel special and their needs and concerns heard and addressed. I had a lot of work to do and needed 6 months of PT to get back to normal life. He pushed me, he gave me feedback, was supportive and answered and addressed my concerns and issues. If you are out there reading this and you need PT go to Chebny Sports Medicine. Christian along with his staff will work with you and get you “back in the game!” One final note: Never do yoga without a mat.
— Cheryl R.
Best experience I’ve had with physical therapy. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Makes all the hard work easier to take. I highly recommend CSM!
— Vicki B.
My time with Chebny Sports Medicine far surpassed any prior experience I have had with a physical therapy practice. The wholesome, family-like culture promotes a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Each member of the CSM staff is there to make your experience as pleasant and effective as possible. The scheduling system is convenient and they do everything in their power to work with any schedule. The entire team—from Dr. Chebny to the administration staff—is enthusiastically involved in the improvement of every patient. With that said, Dr. Chebny’s passion and enthusiasm is matched only by his expertise and competence. His rehabilitation plans are unique to each patient and are based purely on the goals and abilities of the individual. Furthermore, his exhaustive background in Physical Therapy and related fields has allowed him to leverage an exceptionally comprehensive knowledgebase of techniques and exercises, all of which he uses to accomplish a particular objective. You will be challenged, but you will not be uncomfortable. Dr. Chebny is not satisfied until each patient has met and surpassed their goals. If you are looking for a practice to bring your rehabilitation goals into fruition with a fully personalized approach and a commitment to patient satisfaction, look no further; Dr. Chebny and his supporting cast will not disappoint.
— Timothy A.
Christian and the entire staff are not only professional but also very comfortable to work with. Come see them anytime you are in need of physical therapy.
— Art R.
Christian is amazing. He worked w me for my ACL surgery. He is patient but requiring. Great tableside manner w patients....I recovered fully with Christian as part of my health recovery team!!!
— Kerry A.
Christian and his staff are very friendly, caring, and accommodating. CSM is a great place for rehab and PT.
— Mary E. A.
Christian is great to work with, and with his help I am healing up as fast as possible. Not often someone says, he looks forward to Physical Therapy but I do!
— Joseph L.
Christian and his staff were very professional and friendly. Christian helped me reduce pain in my arthritic knee and taught me strength and balance exercises for at-home maintenance. Highly recommended!
— Jay C.
My 11 year old daughter was referred to Chebny Sports Medicine with a knee injury. I have never seen a kid so excited to come to therapy! Both Christian and Trey were so knowledgeable, attentive and friendly that my daughter felt at ease right away. They developed a great exercise program for her which kept her motivated, challenged and helped her get stonger faster. She was back to her normal sports activities in no time. Thank you so much for helping my daughter recover!
— Kate M.
I took my 12 year old son in for some physical therapy after he sustained a knee injury. Luckily we weren’t dealing with any ligament damage, just bruising/contusions around the kneecap and a little fluid in the knee. Christian knew exactly where to target, communicated well with my son, and devised the most appropriate exercise plan to expedite his recovery time. It’s time to get back to the rink & the baseball field...Thanks for your help Christian!
— Jon H.
Great place for rehabbing those sports injuries! Skip the “factory” pt places that are there to keep you locked into unnecessary visits. Chebny assessed the injury, treated it properly; we’ll never go back to .... again!
— Thayna S.
I went there to rehab for a total knee replacement. All the staff is friendly. Most important ... the therapists are EXCELLENT. They provide a good variety of exercises that keep you from being bored. They also do a great job of balancing the focus on bending and strengh. Again, this place is great! I would go there again in a heartbeat if I have a need for PT in the future.
— Scott S.
Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean facility, lots of personal attention and a strong support for the community. Therapists and staff truly care!!!
— Sheri S.
I went in with pain and left without! Chebny was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and organized, a great experience overall. I learned more about what I did to my self and ways to prevent it from Christian than I could have imagined. We even talked about ongoing ways for me to continue working with them on a maintenance level, — much needed — can’t wait to go back, work more and learn more. As an older athlete it’s so important to understand and continue working on your fitness every day. Chapeaux Chebny!
— Mike V.
Christian is awesome! He and his team are so caring, knowledgeable and positive all the time! I recommend anyone I know to see Christian for their PT!
— Lee F.
Great guy. Cares about people and making them better. I refer everyone to him, including myself.
— Brian J.
Brought my son to CSM with a shoulder injury. Both Trey and Christian were great working with my son’s issue and provided him with a list of exercises to continue at home. Both my son and I felt welcome every time we went in for his PT session.
— Sheila R.
This place is amazing, from the front desk staff to the therapists. I was fortunate to have been sent here for my eight month shoulder rehab. I can say without reservation that I would not be in the superb motion and strength condition I have today had it not been for them.
— Gary O.
This is a great team. Front desk and Trey and Chris. I was in pain for months and not only did they help me turn it around, I have strategies to stay pain free. It was sad to end my therapy! A fun and friendly group. Top notch healing occurs here.
— Tasha N.