Phase IV / Sport Rehabilitation

Following a surgery or injury, it is common for patients to return to their normal activities of walking, going up and down stairs, and performing the basic activities of life. But for an athlete, that's not enough. Phase IV or sport rehabilitation is where Chebny Sports Medicine (CSM) fills the gap between standard physical therapy and playing your sport. Due to our extensive knowledge of phase IV rehabilitation at CSM, we can accurately assess where your current level of activity is and where you need to be progressed to make sure you are quickly and safely pushed to the level you want to be at. Whether that's returning to youth sports, getting back to your collegiate sport, or getting active again to keep up with your kids, no one does it better than CSM. As national educators in the field through Infinity Health Education, we speak to clinicians around the country in educating on best practices for phase IV rehabilitation, with increased focus on athletes returning from an ACL injury. 

Phase IV rehabilitation can be performed 2 different ways. It can be treated under your current medical insurance, where you will receive 1-on-1 attention with the physical therapist and billed as traditional physical therapy. Or phase IV can be performed in a group setting as a cash-paid service. This is often the choice of patients who have exhausted their insurance benefits or have high deductible plans. Phase IV rehabilitation focuses on high level strengthening, plyometrics, agility drills, reaction drills, neuromuscular training and sport specific exercises to help you return to sport. This is also a great preventative measure to learn safe movement techniques while improving strength and speed.  

If you have any questions regarding phase IV / sport rehabilitation or would like to sign up, please contact us at 224-252-2999